Frequently Asked Questions

  • No, we specialize in and only appraise Residential Real Estate Property.

  • While automated tools such as those can be useful, they rely on large pools of generalized real estate data and fail to take into account the specific nuances, quality and condition of a particular home. A residential real estate appraiser can provide a much more accurate inspection and a more thorough consideration of value as they take every feature of a property into consideration.

  • This can vary depending on a multitude of factors, please call us with specifics for a quote.

  • Prices vary based on the complexity of any given property. The best way to get a quote on price is to call us at 928-759-0157 or email and tell us some specifics about your property and appraisal needs.

    • If you are getting a loan and you will need an appraisal, your lender will assign an appraiser to you.
    • If you are thinking of listing your property, please consider getting an appraisal as close to the date you want to list your home as possible. This enables us to give you the most accurate market data available for your listing price.
    • If you are considering buying a property, getting an appraisal will serve as both a negotiation tool and give you the peace of mind that you are paying a fair price.

21st Century Appraisal Services is eager to reply to any questions you might have about appraisals or real estate in Prescott Valley and Yavapai County. Don't hesitate to contact us today.